By Ian Parkes

Howzatt for a top night!

Friday night saw the 7th annual Purity Cricket Match played at Exhall and Wixford Cricket Club. It was an ace night and we would like to thank everyone that joined us to make the evening so much fun! Sad to say that The Silly Points won (I was on The Googley’s and lost!) so congratulations to them for a great performance!

Two awards were given out on the night the best batsman was awarded to Alex Willis and the best bowler was awarded to our very own Jonathan Winters.

Heartfelt thanks go to JC and the folks at Exhall Cricket club for making it such a great night!

By Ian Parkes

Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year!

Our unrivalled dedication to eco-friendly brewing has gained national recognition after we were named Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year at the Made in the UK Awards. The ceremony, which took place at St George’s Hall in Liverpool, saw us pitched against four other regional winners, but it was our  devotion to upholding our core values of brewing with a conscience, which stood us apart from the rest.

We pride ourselves on brewing great beer without prejudice, with a conscience and with a consistency and an attention to detail, which is second to none. The award recognised the “company that has demonstrated the greatest commitment, though its products and processes, to forging a low carbon manufacturing future, and to have made the greatest commitment to reducing the impact of manufacturing on the environment.”

Based on a working farm in the heart of the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, we are inspired daily to be aware of the environment. Not only are our brewery practices designed to be environmentally friendly they are, where possible, environmentally enriching, as is the case with our unique wetland system, where waste water is filtered and returned clean to the local river.

And whilst most brewers use five pints of water for every beer, we only uses three, savings that put us in the industry leading standards bracket. A new brewing system, installed in 2013, has also allowed us to increase the yield derived from our raw ingredients and as such, we have seen yields of malts and hops increase, reducing both our demands on natural resources and our carbon footprint thanks to our efficient brewing processes.Heat exchange and steam capture technologies have been integrated into our brewhaus, whilst other initiatives include spent grains used as feed for the cattle on local farms and spent hops used as fertiliser.

Paul Halsey, “At Purity, we strive daily to further improve our sustainability measures, always with the quality of the beer and the love of the craft at the forefront of our minds. To win this national award makes us very proud and it’s a great feeling to be representing the Midlands in sustainable manufacturing.”

We are chuffed to be able to share this award with you!

By Ian Parkes

Purity at Mostly Jazz 2015

Do Believe the Hype – Purity Brewing Company sponsor Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival Again!

Purity Brewing Company will once again be providing music lovers with their favourite beers as they dance the night away to hip-hop legends, Public Enemy, the headline act at this year’s Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul FestivalPurity will be serving up its top bill of beers, Mad Goose, Pure Gold, Pure UBU and Lawless Lager as well as Veltins Pilsner and Addlestones Cider across the weekend festival (10th – 12th July) at Moseley’s private park in Birmingham as part of a line up not to be missed.

We huge lovers of music and people getting together to have a great time, and we will be keeping you all refreshed as they you down to international artists, including Public Enemy, Gregory Porter, Furious Five feat Melle Mel & Scorpio, Roy Ayers, The Pharcyde and more.

Festival tickets are selling out fast, but there’s no chance our beers will as we prepare to make it six years as a sponsor of the ever-growing annual event.

MD Paul Halsey on Mostly: “These festivals are part of the the reason Purity exists; to bring great beer and good times together, with something for everyone. This year’s line-up is incredible and we can’t wait to be back amongst the crowds at Mostly Jazz.”

John Fell, Festival Event Manager: “We have built a strong relationship with Purity over the years and we both want to deliver the highest level of quality to our customers. This year’s event is going to be one to remember and we are pleased we are partnering with them again.”

Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival tickets and more information are available from or via The Ticket Seller box office on 0844 870 0000. Tickets can also be purchased at

By Ian Parkes

Winners Again!!!

More honours for Purity as brewery named Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year

When Purity Brewing Company set out in 2005, the mission was simple: brew great beer without prejudice, with a conscience and with a consistency and an attention to detail, which is second to none.

This week, those values have been recognised at the Insider – Made in the Midlands Awards ceremony at the NEC, and it’s pure joy as Purity adds ‘Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year’ to its ever-growing haul of awards. The award also means Purity will now go on to the national ceremony in Liverpool in July.

Based on a working farm in the heart of the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, Purity is driven to be aware of its environment. The brewery practices are designed to be environmentally friendly and in some cases environmentally enriching, as is the case with its unique wetland system, where waste water is filtered and returned clean to the local river.

The Insider award recognises a range of sustainable methods and practices the brewery prides itself on, such as heat exchange and steam capture technologies which have been integrated into the brewhaus.

Whilst most brewers use five pints of water for every beer, Purity’s savings on water consumption put them in the industry leading standards bracket, with the brewery using just three pints of water to brew its award winning pints.

In 2013, Purity installed a brand new brewing system at a cost of £1,500,000. This investment was made to increase the yield derived from its raw brewing ingredients and as such, the

brewery has seen yields of malts and hops increase, reducing both its demands on natural resources and its carbon footprint thanks to its efficient brewing processes.

Other initiatives include spent grains used as feed for the cattle on local farms and spent hops used as fertiliser.

Purity MD, Paul Halsey, comments: “Improved efficiency through industry leading innovation, that’s the driving force in everything we do here at the brewery and I’m extremely proud that we have been named sustainable manufacturer of the year. In the next twelve months, Purity will continue to use the same practices we have established over the past 10 years whilst working to get as many efficiency improvements out of the system as we can without compromising the quality of the product and integrity of the business.”

By Ian Parkes

Who is Eric Desmarais?

Have you heard the one about the English Brewery, the French Head Brewer and the Yakima Valley? No? Well here goes…

Flo Vialan, Director of Brewing at Purity Brewing Company bounces into the office the morning after his return from the hop growing region of the Yakima Valley in Washington State – ‘How was it Flo?’ we all ask… ‘Ah man’ the giant French brewer replies, ‘out of this world. The quality of the hops, the scale of the hop yards and the innovation in their brewing is incredible’. The excitement pours out of him and you can see his mind at work as he thinks about how he can use these exceptional U.S. hops into Purity’s beers.

There in no hilarious punchline to the one about the English Brewery, French Head Brewer and the Yakima Valley. Instead, we realise an important message, that great minds think alike and when it comes to brewing beer only the finest ingredients from the best growers in the world will do. In this case the toast goes out to the Yakima Valley. As Flo would say ‘Vive Le Hops…’


Who is Eric Desmarais?

“Our life here in the Yakima Valley is one that allows us to work hard, play harder, and genuinely love this special corner of the world. Our intense climate produces bold aromas that make the Yakima Valley the premier hop growing region in the World”. (Eric Demarais)

Eric Demarais is the man behind the fabled Eldorado hops. Eric is a 4th generation farmer of French Canadian origin, whose family migrated to the valley from Quebec and Northern Minnesota in the late 1800’s. The family moved to the region to grow hops is a part of the world which offers unrivalled conditions for growing hops quickly and efficiently.

Eric tells us that El Dorado was a variety that he developed in the late 2000’s.  Its great grandfather was a native US hop found growing wild in Colorado. Eric explains that he named the variety El Dorado because El Dorado is the “famed city of gold” and, the lupulin inside the cones of El Dorado are some of the deepest, most golden lupulin of any variety.


Why is the Yakima Valley perfect for growing hops?

The geography of the Yakima Valley is highly unusual. Despite the land being arid, there is a plentiful supply of fresh water thanks to the Yakima River. The combination of long hours of sunlight and fresh   water in this region ensure a favourable environment for rapid and abundant hop growth.

The hop growers of the Yakima Valley split their crops between a combination of aroma and alpha varieties. The most commonly grown aroma hops are Willamette, Cascade and Mt. Hood, whilst the more prevalent alpha varieties include Columbus/Tomahawk, Zeus, Nugget, Galena and Eldorado.

These diverse hops are grown in three distinct areas of the valley: the Yakima Indian Reservation, the Moxee Valley and the Lower Yakima Valley. The warmer Lower Yakima region is ideal for planting and growing young hops. The most efficient growing area, the Yakama Indian Reservation is located in the centre of the valley. Its dry conditions and highly evolved natural irrigation systems, allows growers to produce super alpha hop varieties, which are intense in flavour and aroma and therefore highly efficient for brewing. At the highest altitude in the Yakima Valley you find the Moxee Valley.  The cool conditions in this part of the valley allow for the growing of outstanding aroma hops and here, the abundance of the hops crops are massive.

Why do Purity love Eldorado Hops?

Eldorado is a dual purpose bittering and aroma hop variety with an exceptional aroma quality and high alpha acid content. It’s pedigree and parentage are a well kept secret but is likely to be one of the U.S’ high alpha varieties. However like many of the things we cherish most in life, we can not be entirely sure and are not likely to ever find out.

From our knowledge Eldorado has a high content of Humulene and Mercine,highly volatile hydrocarbons,  which if used in a wort kettle would  flutter away, but when used in a hopback, where the wort does not boil, the hops linger in the beer and give the fruity characteristics, which are synonymous with Purity beers.

Flo Vialan, tells us that ‘we selected Eldorado ahead of other US hop varieties because we didn’t want to overpower the beer. We needed something fruity yet subtle which would add a unique hop profile to a thoroughly different Lager beer. Lawless is something new for the market. It is a golden, pilsner style beer that is full of flavour thanks to the Eldorado hops.

Lawless Lager:

‘Lawless is defiantly ‘lagered’ for 40 days to create the smooth and flavoursome hopped lager beer. The kicker comes from Eldorado and Styrian Goldings hops added late on in the process to give a sharp citrus hit.


And so back to the Brewery… 

As he wends his way back into the Brewhaus Flo thinks about the way in which these hops have changed the way Purity brew our beers and the flavours and aromas that the hops of the Yakima

Valley bring to the brewery. Not only does the Yakima Valley play home to Eldorado, it also gives us Cascade, used in our Mad Goose, Pure UBU and Saddle Black and Simcoe used in our Longhorn IPA. When Flo arrives back into the brewhaus and see’s our American Brewery Manager Aaron Taubman and English Brewer, Matthew Canning he announces ’Right fella’s. We have work to do’. When he rolls up his sleeves they all know that there are exciting times ahead and that these pioneering brewers have a lot to look forward too.


By Ian Parkes

Purity partners with Barefoot Bowls for some London fun!

Say “Lawn bowls” and the image usually conjured up is of a quintessentially British sport reserved exclusively for pensioners. Not anymore. Barefoot bowls is arriving in London, with a bang. On the 28th May 2015 over 150 ‘barefoot bowlers’ will congregate on the iconic Finsbury Square bowling green to participate in a casual lawn bowls tournament. It is being used as a springboard for a wider launch of a new, relaxed format of the notoriously stuffy game.

Childhood friends Will Goy of sports events company Barefoot Sports and Sam Parton of sports and activity marketplace OpenPlay, are launching Barefoot Bowls out of boredom and frustration whilst finding alternative ways to socialise. “We’ve played table tennis, darts, indoor golf and snooker, but felt we needed a relaxed outdoor sport for the forthcoming summer months. There are few sports which can combined with a couple of drinks and lawn bowls is ideal”.

Barefoot bowls isn’t a new concept having launched originally in Australia over 10 years ago. It offers a social, colourful, dressed down and casual format of the sport where the onus is on having fun with friends of all ages. It is steering away from the traditional all white, members only, which typifies the UK’s 5,000 bowling greens.

Will Goy says “There’s actually an important wider message to this. Bowling greens across the country are struggling financially, with over half under threat whist the sports faces a huge challenge to attract younger members. Our goal is to shake off its old fashioned image and show that it is an easy game for all ages to play. Most people have a bowling green local to them, why not have a night away from the pub?”

Will and Sam’s plan is to run three Barefoot Bowls events in London this summer, before expanding elsewhere. They’re using them to refine their model and user experience before offering the concept to other bowling greens. They plan to help with promotion and offer booking tools under a licensing model. Crucial to their forthcoming launch is a partnership with Bowls England alongside craft beer company Purity and Aerobowls for the supply of all equipment.

Sam Parton who is also co-founder of sports marketplace OpenPlay says, “We’re delighted that Bowls England have been so enthusiastic and supportive from the start. With budget cuts to sport and recreation and the need for new housing, the majority of local sports facilities are under threat, bowling greens are a prime example. So Barefoot Bowls is a great way to exemplify how shaking up the format of traditional sports can help get more people active and bring in a new income stream to open spaces.

In the past year the number of people playing sport for at least half an hour a week has decreased by 125,100, particularly as a result of a decline in the number of those swimming regularly. Innovative concepts like Barefoot Bowls will have huge importance in the forthcoming years as the sports industry looks to tackle what is turning out to be a sports participation crisis.

By Ian Parkes

Want to join our Gang? Puritans… We Need You!

What do you call a gang of merry Purity lovers? That’s right…. The Puritans! How do I become a Puritan I hear you cry! Simply check out or come and visit us in the shop.

By becoming a Puritan you join a band of people who like the finer things in life, whether good beer, top food, ace music or the great outdoors. You will belong to a group of like minded people who share a passion for those things you hold dear.

The Puritan scheme entitles you to:

•10% on all online and brewery shop orders

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So what are you waiting for? Join the gang today! Become a Puritan and be a part of the best gang in the world!

By Ian Parkes

In the Words of Alan Partridge… I’m Batman!

What have Batman, a Welsh rugby player, a Blues Brother and a questionable priest all got in common? That’s right! They all work for Purity Brewing Co….or at least they would do if some of the team had bothered to see out their youthful ambitions.

We’re especially disappointed in Batman.

Thursday night was Purity’s Christmas Party night. An odd date to choose we know but we’re so dedicated to delivering the best service to our customers before Christmas with a clear head that we leave our celebrations until the New Year and leave the malt dust to settle a little.

The psychologically testing fancy dress theme of ‘What did you want to be when you grew up?’ threw up some interesting costumes and we looked at our colleagues in a new light through slightly bleary eyes on Friday morning. Alongside Batman(s) and the rest were a Jedi, 3 farmers, a rock star, a scientist and a penguin! to name but a few.

A testing quiz covering the topics of brewing, sport, music and local knowledge was dealt with in short order. All that needs to be said on that front is that you’re in very safe hands on the brewing front but if next year’s party is karaoke it’s probably best avoided by the those of you who like the right lyrics sung to your favourite songs.

After knocking back a few more #Lawless (the chosen beverage of the night) we proceeded to try and knock down a few skittles, with varying degrees of success. Only one of the team succeeded in a 9 pn sweep (authors privilege Ed)

Despite the competitive nature of most of the Purity team a general sense of bonhomie was maintained throughout the night and a great time was had by all.  

We hope you enjoyed you Christmas parties wherever and whenever you had them! Drop us a note of facebook or via twitter and the person with the most interesting venue and theme for their do will be the first to win a case of Lawless when it goes into cans this year. 

Purity pats on the back to Claire for parenting duties, Darryl the quiz meister, Ian P for crime fighting despite having his identity revealed and of course Paul…The Founder of the Feast and a very, very questionable priest.

Many thanks to the Simon and the team at the Royal Oak Prestbury for hosting us and their great food and service on the night.

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Want to join our Gang? Puritans… We Need You!
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