By Ian Parkes

Purity partners with Barefoot Bowls for some London fun!

Say “Lawn bowls” and the image usually conjured up is of a quintessentially British sport reserved exclusively for pensioners. Not anymore. Barefoot bowls is arriving in London, with a bang. On the 28th May 2015 over 150 ‘barefoot bowlers’ will congregate on the iconic Finsbury Square bowling green to participate in a casual lawn bowls tournament. It is being used as a springboard for a wider launch of a new, relaxed format of the notoriously stuffy game.

Childhood friends Will Goy of sports events company Barefoot Sports and Sam Parton of sports and activity marketplace OpenPlay, are launching Barefoot Bowls out of boredom and frustration whilst finding alternative ways to socialise. “We’ve played table tennis, darts, indoor golf and snooker, but felt we needed a relaxed outdoor sport for the forthcoming summer months. There are few sports which can combined with a couple of drinks and lawn bowls is ideal”.

Barefoot bowls isn’t a new concept having launched originally in Australia over 10 years ago. It offers a social, colourful, dressed down and casual format of the sport where the onus is on having fun with friends of all ages. It is steering away from the traditional all white, members only, which typifies the UK’s 5,000 bowling greens.

Will Goy says “There’s actually an important wider message to this. Bowling greens across the country are struggling financially, with over half under threat whist the sports faces a huge challenge to attract younger members. Our goal is to shake off its old fashioned image and show that it is an easy game for all ages to play. Most people have a bowling green local to them, why not have a night away from the pub?”

Will and Sam’s plan is to run three Barefoot Bowls events in London this summer, before expanding elsewhere. They’re using them to refine their model and user experience before offering the concept to other bowling greens. They plan to help with promotion and offer booking tools under a licensing model. Crucial to their forthcoming launch is a partnership with Bowls England alongside craft beer company Purity and Aerobowls for the supply of all equipment.

Sam Parton who is also co-founder of sports marketplace OpenPlay says, “We’re delighted that Bowls England have been so enthusiastic and supportive from the start. With budget cuts to sport and recreation and the need for new housing, the majority of local sports facilities are under threat, bowling greens are a prime example. So Barefoot Bowls is a great way to exemplify how shaking up the format of traditional sports can help get more people active and bring in a new income stream to open spaces.

In the past year the number of people playing sport for at least half an hour a week has decreased by 125,100, particularly as a result of a decline in the number of those swimming regularly. Innovative concepts like Barefoot Bowls will have huge importance in the forthcoming years as the sports industry looks to tackle what is turning out to be a sports participation crisis.

By Ian Parkes

Want to join our Gang? Puritans… We Need You!

What do you call a gang of merry Purity lovers? That’s right…. The Puritans! How do I become a Puritan I hear you cry! Simply check out or come and visit us in the shop.

By becoming a Puritan you join a band of people who like the finer things in life, whether good beer, top food, ace music or the great outdoors. You will belong to a group of like minded people who share a passion for those things you hold dear.

The Puritan scheme entitles you to:

•10% on all online and brewery shop orders

•1x Free Purity T-Shirt on joining

•1x Free Puritan Mixed Case (3x Pure Gold, 3x Pure UBU, 2x Mad Goose and 2x Saddle Black)

•2 x tickets for exclusive Purity Brewery Tour or Puritan event per year

So what are you waiting for? Join the gang today! Become a Puritan and be a part of the best gang in the world!

By Ian Parkes

In the Words of Alan Partridge… I’m Batman!

What have Batman, a Welsh rugby player, a Blues Brother and a questionable priest all got in common? That’s right! They all work for Purity Brewing Co….or at least they would do if some of the team had bothered to see out their youthful ambitions.

We’re especially disappointed in Batman.

Thursday night was Purity’s Christmas Party night. An odd date to choose we know but we’re so dedicated to delivering the best service to our customers before Christmas with a clear head that we leave our celebrations until the New Year and leave the malt dust to settle a little.

The psychologically testing fancy dress theme of ‘What did you want to be when you grew up?’ threw up some interesting costumes and we looked at our colleagues in a new light through slightly bleary eyes on Friday morning. Alongside Batman(s) and the rest were a Jedi, 3 farmers, a rock star, a scientist and a penguin! to name but a few.

A testing quiz covering the topics of brewing, sport, music and local knowledge was dealt with in short order. All that needs to be said on that front is that you’re in very safe hands on the brewing front but if next year’s party is karaoke it’s probably best avoided by the those of you who like the right lyrics sung to your favourite songs.

After knocking back a few more #Lawless (the chosen beverage of the night) we proceeded to try and knock down a few skittles, with varying degrees of success. Only one of the team succeeded in a 9 pn sweep (authors privilege Ed)

Despite the competitive nature of most of the Purity team a general sense of bonhomie was maintained throughout the night and a great time was had by all.  

We hope you enjoyed you Christmas parties wherever and whenever you had them! Drop us a note of facebook or via twitter and the person with the most interesting venue and theme for their do will be the first to win a case of Lawless when it goes into cans this year. 

Purity pats on the back to Claire for parenting duties, Darryl the quiz meister, Ian P for crime fighting despite having his identity revealed and of course Paul…The Founder of the Feast and a very, very questionable priest.

Many thanks to the Simon and the team at the Royal Oak Prestbury for hosting us and their great food and service on the night.

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Want to join our Gang? Puritans… We Need You!
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