By Alex Cosgrove

Purity Brewing Company on Top of the World with Latest Award Wins

We are on top of the world after two of our beers won at the 2015 World Beer Awards to cap an incredible year for the U.K’s Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year.

Pure UBU and Lawless Lager have both received global recognition after winning the national, continental and now worldwide stages in the highly prestigious awards ceremony.

Pure UBU, has been named World’s Best Amber Ale whilst our latest brew Lawless Lager took the much-coveted World’s Best German-Style Lager. Lawless Lager is Flo Vialan’s (our Director of Brewing) take on the 500 year old German Purity Law ‘The Reinheitsgebot’, whereby the beer is brewed with only four natural ingredients but given a twist when it is hopped with El Dorado to give it a distinctive and full flavour. As we say, ‘Lawless respects the rules as long as they are the rules according to Flo’s Law’.

The World Beer Awards are the global awards, which select the very best of each internationally recognised beer styles. The annual tasting selects, awards and promotes the ‘World’s Best Beers’ to consumers and the trade throughout the world.

Judging is blind with regional style heats held in Asia, Europe and the Americas. All regions have their own Chairman and group of judges who select the style winners in their region. 

Style winners from all regions are then tasted against each other to select the World’s Best Style. From these world winners judges select the World’s Best categories, from which the World’s Best Beer is selected. World Beer Awards judges include hugely respected industry writers, leaders and critics. This year’s judges were Adrian Tierney-Jones, Mark Dorber, Will Hawkes, Jessica Mason, Jeff Evans, Tim Hampson, Glenn Payne, Chris Hall, Mitchel Adams and Claire Dodd. 

Our MD Paul Halsey said: “The national and continental awards the two beers picked up were wonderful accolades in themselves, but to see both named World’s Best with the backing of such a discerning group of judges is an absolute honour and something we are very proud of. We started brewing Pure UBU ten years ago now and to see it continuing to win awards is fantastic. The award for our newest brew ‘Lawless Lager’ is the icing on the cake and for those that haven’t tried it yet, we would urge you to do so. This idiosyncratic beer is a real gem and I think may well become the jewel in Purity’s crown.”

“Everything we do at Purity is driven by our core value of ‘Pure Quality’ and to receive global recognition is real testament to our brew team and to the loyalty of our customers who have helped us grow and remain our most prized advocates.”

For more information about and to order the World’s best for yourself, visit

By Alex Cosgrove

News from the Brew House No.3 – From Humble Grain to Great Celebrations

Welcome to the third edition of News from the Brewhouse. This time we look at the often unsung hero in brewing – malt and in particular Maris Otter, which this year celebrates its unprecedented 50th uninterrupted harvest.

To mark the occasion H Banham Ltd, along with David & Rachel Holliday from The Norfolk Brewhouse, are putting together the Maris Otter 50 Beer Festival. There will be new brewers, established brewers, small micros as well as larger brewers – but they all share one thing in common – a passion for brewing with Maris Otter.

All the brewers attending the festival are crafting a new beer to debut at the celebration event. So that’s 50 new brews celebrating the very special malting barley, which in its 50 years has become recognised as the premium choice for brewers the world over.

We sat down with our Director of Brewing, Flo to delve deeper into Maris Otter and ask him why we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate with the growers:

Well Flo, it is the Maris Otter 50th beer festival this week, can you tell us why Purity use Maris Otter malt and what it gives us that other Malts can’t?

Maris Otter provides a strong base to our beers. Essentially it is the spine of a good beer that allows the speciality malts and hops to flourish. The reason we use Maris Otter is the consistency of the harvest. We know that year after year we are getting high quality malt, which allows us to create the highest quality beer. Using Maris Otter also improves the clarity of the beer too as some lesser malts can cause haze issues in the final beer, owing to the nitrogen levels in the grain. Some malt has high levels of nitrogen can cause this hazing, whereas Maris Otter which has a low nitrogen content helps us to brew a crystal clear beer. Another benefit of using MO is that it mills well and breaks down into a fine grist any which doesn’t get stuck in the lauter tun or pipes which pump the spent grain out to the farm for feed.  However, more important than anything is that MO gives great mouth feel, something that Purity prides itself on with our beers.

Where do we source the malt and why them?

All of our malts come from Simpson’s Malt and our MO is all grown and malted in East Anglia, funnily enough Henry Blofeld from BBC TMS family own a lot of arable land in East Anglia and are some of the largest producers of MO in the UK so our resident cricket fan in the office was over the moon when we told him about this. We use Simpsons’ again for the quality and year on year consistency that we need to keep producing award winning beers.

Why is Maris Otter such a pleasure to brew with?

MO has superb maltose extraction levels. Maltose is the sugar we need to allow the yeast to feed and produce alcohol. MO provides us with 98% maltose extraction, which is brilliant for yields and means we can produce more beer for less input.

How did the idea of Pure MO come about and why did we get involved?

Essentially they approached us as they knew we care about our ingredients and only use the highest quality possible and how could we refuse? To showcase this great malt and celebrate it being used for 50 years in the brewing industry we felt we had to get involved. As MO is a winter variety of malt it grows slower and is more difficult to grow but it is this slow growth cycle that gives the low nitrogen and high sugar levels.

Pure MO is our nod to this malt and we feel it showcases the brilliance of the malt. We kept the addition of other malts to a minimum as we wanted MO to be the star of the show. Pure MO is extra pale ale but we have added some Chinook, Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops as well as our new bittering hop Pilgrim from Worcestershire that gives a citrus fruit aroma and taste and giving Pure MO a zesty finish.

Why should we celebrate the 50 years of Maris otter?

One reason we should celebrate the 50th harvest of MO as it is a crop that has been developed with brewers and farmers together for a better quality beer not just for a quick crop to be a cash cow. The difficulties to grow the malt are outweighed by the final products. We wouldn’t use anything other than MO because it is the premium malt, we as a brew team can trust that it will be reliable to give us a high quality pint and it is proved and tested. Let’s hope that we can celebrate another 50 years of MO.

There we have it a glowing testament to MO from Flo, we feel that Pure MO is a great celebration beer for the MO festival, we want to hear what you think. If you are going to the festival and try Pure MO let us know via our social channels what you think. Follow us  @purityale on Twitter or like us at PurityBrewingCo on Facebook.

For more information on the festival check out


By Alex Cosgrove

News from the Brew house No.2 – The Story Behind Longhorn IPA

Welcome to the second instalment in our new series of ‘News from the Brewhouse’. In this blog we explore the thought process and story behind Longhorn IPA, which recently won a medal at the International Beer Challenge.

Longhorn cattle are an ancient and hardy breed of cattle that wear a floppy fringe and are so named because of their impressive and humungous horns. The farm here in Great Alne has long reared Longhorn cattle because of their stunning meat and friendly temperament. Now… Purity has a little confession to make. When we needed a new Brewhouse to cope with the demand for our beer, we had to move the Longhorn herd into another part of the farm. However, their new home is a happy one and as a tribute to this rare and powerful creature we named our rye IPA after them. The benefit to the Longhorn didn’t simply stop at a shiny new home and a beer named after them though! A bi-product of the brewing process is a source of spent grains which the herd merrily chomp away on as they look out majestically over the farm. And so it is, the circle of life is complete and thanks to initiatives like this Purity has recently been named the ‘UK Sustainable Manufacturer in the Year’.

We sat down with Aaron Taubman, the Quality Manager at Purity Brewing Co. to understand more about the two types of Longhorn on our farm! We started off by discussing how Aaron and Flo (Director of Brewing) came up with the ingredients for this rye IPA.

Aaron – how did the brew team come up with the malts and hops for the Longhorn IPA?

We wanted to create a balanced American style IPA that would appeal to our customers but maintain a Purity twist. This was the definitive reason for choosing crystal rye and rye malt as the speciality malts for the brilliant copper orange colour and also the spiciness on the palate that they impart to the beer. The rye also gives Longhorn a distinct ‘dry’ taste which counters the sweetness that is needed to balance the high bitterness of this style of pale ale. This makes a pleasurable drinking experience.

Which hops did you chose then and why those particular varieties?

Essentially to branch away from the standard hops that are in all our beers previous to Longhorn and both Flo and I were excited to use Galaxy for its massive tropical fruit aromas and flavours. Chinook gives Longhorn a resin and pine taste which some people also taste marmalade. Simcoe was chosen for the citrus flavours which all together give a rounded, fruity and mouth-watering aroma. Recently we have become fans of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire grown Pilgrim hop. Pilgrim has a deeply spicy, yet unusually pleasant, garlicky onion aroma. As a bittering hop Pilgrim is not being used to its full aromatic potential, but stay tuned.

A lot of American craft beers are ordered by IBU (International Bittering Unit) – How do you determine the IBU and what is the ideal IBU for this type of beer?

LHIPA is 60 IBUs. We had that number in mind because it allowed us to brew a relatively balanced beer using the bittering unit and gravity unit ratio (BU: GU) Longhorn’s ratio is 60:51. The gravity is 51 and we wanted it to be close to parity with the perfect ratio 50:50 however to maximise on flavour and aroma you need to have a slightly higher BU than gravity or otherwise it would be to strong and the hops would be lost in it. For example a typical mild has a low BU GU and is very “mild” due to having a high gravity and low bitterness.  Longhorn is much more aggressive by comparison.

How did the decision to leave Longhorn unfiltered come about?

We wanted to have the most appealing beer possible which incorporates aroma, appearance and taste. Having the beer unfiltered not only maintains the flavour profile but aids the mouthfeel of the beer. We also wanted to be able to educate consumers that hazy beer is not always bad and can be mean a good beer and isn’t ‘off’ or sour. However, we do try to ensure that it doesn’t come out like mud and full of sediment! With modern breweries you get brilliant wort straight out of the Brewhouse which ensures we aren’t sending out thick and cloudy beer but the best beer we can. With using a higher quality ingredients and new technologies we can continue to push boundaries and continue to brew award winning beers!

When Longhorn was launched we were often asked when it would be bottled be available – why were cans chosen as opposed to bottles?

Cans are great for many reasons but ultimately it is about flavour and ensuring the quality of the beer. Other benefits of canning are that they are lighter are also fully sealed containers so almost no oxygen can enter your beer ensuring that brewery fresh taste.

There we have it an insight into the inner sanctum of the Purity brewing team. Next time we delve deeper into the world of Lawless and get to grips with Flo’s law breaking brew.

By Alex Cosgrove

Purity Brewing Co. ready to kick off new season with Coventry Rugby

We are delighted to announce that we are back in action with Coventry Rugby for the forthcoming season as we continue to provide cask ale at Butts Park Arena following a successful first year.

Thanks to a friendship formed during their playing careers, former team mates Paul Halsey, our MD, and Phil Maynard, Coventry Rugby’s Director of Rugby, have again teamed up to drive the growth of the ambitious Midlands rugby club.

Paul comments: “Having played rugby for 20 years, it is a great honour to be able to work within the game with my playing days now behind me. There is nothing like going along to watch the rugby on a Saturday afternoon whilst enjoying a pint of beer. Rugby supporters are a discerning bunch and we are pleased that we are going to be able to add to their match day experience by giving them beer which matches up to the quality of the current crop of Coventry players. It has been great to watch the resurgence in the club over the last few years and I am confident they will be pushing for promotion to the championship this year. Here’s to the season ahead!”

Phil Maynard added: “As we look forward to the new season, we are delighted to be working with Purity Brewing Co. again. The partnership proved to be really positive for the club last season and with the prospect of a strong season this year, it will be great to give the supporters even more to cheer about with the prospect of being able to drink great beer. This is a really exciting time for the club and we are pleased to be able to share it with Purity.”

Coventry begin their league season with a home match Vs Wharfedale on 5th September and Purity will be there with more bars and opportunities to try its beers than ever before.


By Ian Parkes

Ricoh Arena and Wasps toast new partnership with Purity Brewing Co.

We are delighted to announce that Purity have formed an exciting new partnership with the Ricoh Arena and Wasps Rugby as we look to extend our support of rugby throughout the West Midlands.

From 5th September when Wasps take on Samoa, our beers will be available throughout the arena and the Wasps faithful will be able to enjoy our Pure UBU and Pure Gold brands, with Pure Gold being an appropriate tipple for fans of the ‘men in black and gold.’

Andy Gibb, Managing Director of the Ricoh Arena kindly offered: “Purity has developed a regional and national reputation for providing high-caliber craft beers from their headquarters in nearby Warwickshire and, just like the Ricoh Arena, are constantly looking to develop new markets.

“This partnership is a perfect fit for both parties and their beers will be really popular with visitors to the Ricoh Arena.”

Luke Organ, Group Commercial Director, Wasps, said: “We are proud to partner with a craft brewery which is highly respected for its attention to detail, quality of product and strength of brand.

“Since arriving at the Ricoh Arena, we have conducted many fan surveys and a recurring request has been for a wider range of ales. We are delighted to have fulfilled this request, partnering with one of the most popular and successful breweries in the Midlands and we have no doubt Wasps supporters and visitors to the Ricoh Arena will be delighted with the extensive range of ales that Purity will be supplying.”

Our MD Paul Halsey – “A partnership between Purity and the Ricoh Arena is all about creating the perfect event day experience and reflects our belief in a more discerning beer drinking public. Working with Wasps and the Ricoh Arena is testament to the ongoing success of our original mission, which is to brew great beer without prejudice, with a conscience and with a consistency and an attention to detail, which is second to none.

“We are delighted that so many people are going to get to try Pure Gold and Pure UBU in tip-top competition. Craft beer has been much heralded in the press in recent years and the movement is extraordinarily dynamic. It has long been argued that craft beer is all about small scale brewing, but at Purity we don’t believe that to be the case.

“For us craft brewing is about using the finest ingredients and taking care of the beer you make. It is not scale dependent and as such we are proud to lead the charge into such a partnership and deliver great beer to the masses. We have seen how much value craft beer has added to the supporter experience with the likes of the Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants and the Portland Timbers in the US and want to emulate and surpass that. It is a truly exciting time for Purity Brewing Co. and reflects the forward thinking and ambitious approach being adopted by the Ricoh Arena and Wasps.”

Purity, which will be on sale for all events at the arena, joins the brand family which includes; RICOH, Land Rover, EMC2, E.ON, DS Smith, Under Armour, Pins & Stripes, Majestic and Causeway.

By Ian Parkes

News from the Brew house No.1- Why did the Chicken get in the Hop Box?

Welcome to a new series of blogs from the Purity Brew house.  In this new monthly feature we will take you behind the scenes to give you an insight into how your favourite beers are brewed, what our brew team are looking forward to in beer innovation and how we go about our business in a sustainable way.

This month’s blog focuses on our recent Insider Business: Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year award and what we are doing to further our commitment to Pure Eco in the future. And what better place to start talking about this than our brand new partnership, which is a quite unexpected one.

In the brewing industry an awful lot of waste cardboard is created which has to be taken away at a high cost to the business and the environment. Our new way of reducing waste cardboard is to recycle our hop boxes. All our whole leaf hops come from hop merchants Charles Faram in substantial boxes that take up a lot of space. With this in mind, Flo our Director of Brewing has come up with a novel idea to recycle them. But can you guess how?

That’s right, you got it… we are recycling them as chicken carriers! The idea occurred when Flo’s wife, who works at Domestic Fowl Trust, told him about their challenge to find the ideal box to transport their fowl to new homes. After testing the boxes out for size Purity have now teamed up with the Domestic Fowl Trust in Snitterfield to provide the boxes for the happy birds. And it would seem that the benefits of this partnership don’t just stop there. According to Alister Jones of the Trust, “The aroma from the hops may have a calming effect on the birds. Hops are well known for their health benefits and it appears that these benefits might apply to chickens as well, who seem to be more docile during their rehoming thanks to these boxes.”

The Domestic Fowl Trust exists to promote the keeping of poultry and help new owners discover the joy of owning poultry. They also work to support small scale poultry breeders by providing a route to market for their hens. All breeders that supply the Domestic Fowl Trust must be able to demonstrate a continual commitment to high welfare standards and must maintain stock traceability. This dedication to higher welfare standards and quality is something we feel reflects our approach to producing our award winning beers and we are pleased to be able to team up with them – pity they don’t do any Mad Geese!

Teaming up with the Domestic Fowl Trust is just another sign of our long-term commitment to be as sustainable as possible and ensure that we are always trying to do the right thing. Alongside this partnership our wetland system is still helping us to reduce our water consumption. Our state of the art brewing equipment is reducing our energy usage. Our spent grains are still used as feed for livestock whilst our spent hops are used as fertiliser and our spent yeast as pig feed. All of these initiatives led to us becoming Insider Business: Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year and prove our commitment to being sustainable to the end.

The next ‘news from the brew house’ will look at the processes involved in producing Longhorn IPA from the ingredients to kegging. As we celebrate Longhorn becoming a top 10 in the UK beer as voted by 100 hottest beers.

For more information on the Domestic Fowl Trust check out their website and Facebook –

By Ian Parkes

Howzatt for a top night!

Friday night saw the 7th annual Purity Cricket Match played at Exhall and Wixford Cricket Club. It was an ace night and we would like to thank everyone that joined us to make the evening so much fun! Sad to say that The Silly Points won (I was on The Googley’s and lost!) so congratulations to them for a great performance!

Two awards were given out on the night the best batsman was awarded to Alex Willis and the best bowler was awarded to our very own Jonathan Winters.

Heartfelt thanks go to JC and the folks at Exhall Cricket club for making it such a great night!

By Ian Parkes

Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year!

Our unrivalled dedication to eco-friendly brewing has gained national recognition after we were named Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year at the Made in the UK Awards. The ceremony, which took place at St George’s Hall in Liverpool, saw us pitched against four other regional winners, but it was our  devotion to upholding our core values of brewing with a conscience, which stood us apart from the rest.

We pride ourselves on brewing great beer without prejudice, with a conscience and with a consistency and an attention to detail, which is second to none. The award recognised the “company that has demonstrated the greatest commitment, though its products and processes, to forging a low carbon manufacturing future, and to have made the greatest commitment to reducing the impact of manufacturing on the environment.”

Based on a working farm in the heart of the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, we are inspired daily to be aware of the environment. Not only are our brewery practices designed to be environmentally friendly they are, where possible, environmentally enriching, as is the case with our unique wetland system, where waste water is filtered and returned clean to the local river.

And whilst most brewers use five pints of water for every beer, we only uses three, savings that put us in the industry leading standards bracket. A new brewing system, installed in 2013, has also allowed us to increase the yield derived from our raw ingredients and as such, we have seen yields of malts and hops increase, reducing both our demands on natural resources and our carbon footprint thanks to our efficient brewing processes.Heat exchange and steam capture technologies have been integrated into our brewhaus, whilst other initiatives include spent grains used as feed for the cattle on local farms and spent hops used as fertiliser.

Paul Halsey, “At Purity, we strive daily to further improve our sustainability measures, always with the quality of the beer and the love of the craft at the forefront of our minds. To win this national award makes us very proud and it’s a great feeling to be representing the Midlands in sustainable manufacturing.”

We are chuffed to be able to share this award with you!

By Ian Parkes

Purity at Mostly Jazz 2015

Do Believe the Hype – Purity Brewing Company sponsor Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival Again!

Purity Brewing Company will once again be providing music lovers with their favourite beers as they dance the night away to hip-hop legends, Public Enemy, the headline act at this year’s Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul FestivalPurity will be serving up its top bill of beers, Mad Goose, Pure Gold, Pure UBU and Lawless Lager as well as Veltins Pilsner and Addlestones Cider across the weekend festival (10th – 12th July) at Moseley’s private park in Birmingham as part of a line up not to be missed.

We huge lovers of music and people getting together to have a great time, and we will be keeping you all refreshed as they you down to international artists, including Public Enemy, Gregory Porter, Furious Five feat Melle Mel & Scorpio, Roy Ayers, The Pharcyde and more.

Festival tickets are selling out fast, but there’s no chance our beers will as we prepare to make it six years as a sponsor of the ever-growing annual event.

MD Paul Halsey on Mostly: “These festivals are part of the the reason Purity exists; to bring great beer and good times together, with something for everyone. This year’s line-up is incredible and we can’t wait to be back amongst the crowds at Mostly Jazz.”

John Fell, Festival Event Manager: “We have built a strong relationship with Purity over the years and we both want to deliver the highest level of quality to our customers. This year’s event is going to be one to remember and we are pleased we are partnering with them again.”

Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival tickets and more information are available from or via The Ticket Seller box office on 0844 870 0000. Tickets can also be purchased at

By Ian Parkes

Winners Again!!!

More honours for Purity as brewery named Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year

When Purity Brewing Company set out in 2005, the mission was simple: brew great beer without prejudice, with a conscience and with a consistency and an attention to detail, which is second to none.

This week, those values have been recognised at the Insider – Made in the Midlands Awards ceremony at the NEC, and it’s pure joy as Purity adds ‘Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year’ to its ever-growing haul of awards. The award also means Purity will now go on to the national ceremony in Liverpool in July.

Based on a working farm in the heart of the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, Purity is driven to be aware of its environment. The brewery practices are designed to be environmentally friendly and in some cases environmentally enriching, as is the case with its unique wetland system, where waste water is filtered and returned clean to the local river.

The Insider award recognises a range of sustainable methods and practices the brewery prides itself on, such as heat exchange and steam capture technologies which have been integrated into the brewhaus.

Whilst most brewers use five pints of water for every beer, Purity’s savings on water consumption put them in the industry leading standards bracket, with the brewery using just three pints of water to brew its award winning pints.

In 2013, Purity installed a brand new brewing system at a cost of £1,500,000. This investment was made to increase the yield derived from its raw brewing ingredients and as such, the

brewery has seen yields of malts and hops increase, reducing both its demands on natural resources and its carbon footprint thanks to its efficient brewing processes.

Other initiatives include spent grains used as feed for the cattle on local farms and spent hops used as fertiliser.

Purity MD, Paul Halsey, comments: “Improved efficiency through industry leading innovation, that’s the driving force in everything we do here at the brewery and I’m extremely proud that we have been named sustainable manufacturer of the year. In the next twelve months, Purity will continue to use the same practices we have established over the past 10 years whilst working to get as many efficiency improvements out of the system as we can without compromising the quality of the product and integrity of the business.”

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Purity Brewing Company on Top of the World with Latest Award Wins
News from the Brew House No.3 – From Humble Grain to Great Celebrations
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