25th Apr 2024

When Paul Halsey and Jim Minkin set up Purity Brewing Company one of the founding principles was based around building communities. From the rugby field where they met and played together, through to the brewing industry where they worked and made friends of colleagues, to the brewery they set up with support from friends and family; what took the Purity project 'Beyond the Beer' was the sharing of time and passion for community based experiences. Sports, music, food, festivals and art all became arenas in which Purity beers could find a home among like-minded people.   

We have been building on that legacy since 2005 with our passion for working with our independent on-trade customers in their pubs to pour Pure Quality and build customer loyalty. We have been supporting local, grassroots sports clubs like  Stratford Upon Avon Rugby Football Club and Exhall & Wixford Cricket Club. We have been proud suppliers to the local independent festival scene from Mosely Folk to Cheltenham Jazz and beyond. 

In 2018 we established our own brewery based community in the form of The Mad Goose Chase Cycle Club which has been growing from strength to strength ever since. 

To celebrate our love for community and honour Jim who built the Purity Brewing business that we are all so proud to work for we have a very special offer on Jimbo Very Best Bitter minicask from £24 down to £16. The best way to celebrate one of the most important communities of all.......you and a couple of mates, sharing a beer!