25th Apr 2024

When Paul Halsey and Jim Minkin set up Purity Brewing Company one of the founding principles was based around building communities. From the rugby field where they met and played together, through to … read more

19th Apr 2024

At Purity, we're all about good music and good times (just like you!). To celebrate RECORD STORE DAY and the recent launch of our brand new PURE PILSNER we've got a little comp on. Head to Instag … read more
Brand New Beer 4 The Purist

Brand New Beer 4 The Purist

Posted by JC on 15th Apr 2024

Some would say that Lager is beer in it’s purest form. In fact the Bavarians passed a law to ensure it!If you know your history then you’ll know that’s how Purity got it’s name.Then the arguments coul … read more
Seeds of Change and Bunny Hop Bottles Help Pure Eco !
Sometimes it's the little things that set off the biggest changes; like the small bunnys that hopped in the path of our co-founder Paul's bike ride through Spernal farm back in 2005 that led to t … read more
The BREAL Group is today announcing it has acquired the assets of Warwickshire-based Purity Brewing Co. for an undisclosed sum. Completed on the 22nd December, the deal further strengthens the firm … read more