Brand New Beer 4 The Purist

Brand New Beer 4 The Purist

Posted by JC on 15th Apr 2024

Some would say that Lager is beer in it’s purest form. In fact the Bavarians passed a law to ensure it!

If you know your history then you’ll know that’s how Purity got it’s name.
Then the arguments could range around what is the purest form of Lager..and they could go on and on.
Purity have always appealed to the Purist. They know a Great Beer with Real Character when they taste it…whatever the style.
This Pilsner Lager is for our Purists.
When we created Lawless we intentionally broke many of those perceived Lager ideas, adding bold aromas and a citrus kick. With Pure Helles we took that classic form of the Bavarian beer and made it in it’s best form. With ‘Purist’ we’ve gone back to our roots as a brewery and created this clean, pure Pilsner lager, Pure, 'Best in Show' perfection for every beer fan’

  • Pure BRITISH Malts!
  • Pure BRITISH Hops!
  • Pure Lager yeast with a 40 day fermentation
  • Pure Flavour! Pure Refreshment! Pure Quality!

For those looking for a beer in it’s purest form (UBU = Amber. Mad Goose = Pale. Gold = Golden. Session IPA = Session) we bring you Pure Pilsner!
In a world of ‘craft’ colabs, ‘DDH lemon and bergamot sours’ , ‘Danish chocolate pastry stouts’ and force fermented macro beers This beer is
4 the Purist!