By Alex Cosgrove

Saddle Black is Back…. In Cans!

We have taken the decision to keg and can our cycling inspired favourite Saddle Black due to public demand for an all-year-round option to enjoy our full flavoured hoppy black beer.

The keg and can variant of Saddle Black differs from its cask counterpart by being slightly higher in abv. with the new format at 5.8%. The keg and can version is unfiltered and unpasteurised, giving it a depth of flavour which is at once both complex yet, very quaffable.

Saddle Black is brewed with Maris Otter, Rye, Crystal Rye, Black and Smoked malts to give it a gnarly and smoky backbone with excellent body and mouthfeel, whilst the use of Chinook and Cascade hops offer citrus orange notes up front, which then gives way to espresso and spicy black pepper notes to give a long and lingering bitter finish. Saddle Black is a beautifully balanced beer and perfect for those celebrating the completion of yet more miles in the Saddle.

Saddle Black is perfect for matching with food and would be an excellent accompaniment to spiced, savoury dishes such as short rib of beef, Saddle Black beans, dirty mash with garlic butter and gravy, as well as with dark chocolate desserts and cheese courses, particularly with Berkswell cheese served with warm Eccles cakes.

Our MD Paul Halsey comments: “It’s the perfect time to launch Saddle Black in keg and can and we’re excited by the prospect of introducing the beer to new fans whilst seeing what our more familiar Puritans make of the new format.”

For our full range, including Saddle Black and a variety of fantastic craft beers from other breweries can be ordered online at

By Alex Cosgrove

Saddle Black in the Captial

Fresh from appearing at Craft Beer Rising, Purity Brewing Co are delighted to announce the first kegs of Saddle Black pouring in London will be with our friends The Water Poet. Please join us from 5pm on Thursday 3rd March for a beer on us.



For more information please check out our social media channels and The Water Poet:

By Alex Cosgrove

If food be the thing of love… Cook on!

Each of Purity’s brews and all of Bottle Shack’s great beers can be enjoyed on it’s own, but to really unlock the potential for enjoyment there is no better experience that pairing them up with great food. We asked our friends at Purecraft Bar and Kitchen for some recipes that you can create at home and match with some amazing ales.


Chocolate Cake & Chocolate Sauce with Purity’s Limited Edition Bourbon Cask Rye IPA – ‘X

The citrus tang and spirity bourbon notes from the cask aged X are a perfect match for this rich chocolate cake. Impress your other half on Valentines night by preparing this luxurious combo. Tweet a picture of both to @purityale and @purecraftbars for a chance to win a couple of brewery tour tickets


           For the Cake                                                       For the Chocolate Sauce
100 g unsalted butter                                                  150g Plain Chocolate
200 g dark chocolate                                                   50ml Double Cream
100 g caster sugar                                                        2tbsp Golden Syrup
4 egg yolks                                                                 Knob of butter
4 egg whites                                                               Pinch of salt


1.Melt butter over a Bain Marie
2. Meanwhile whisk egg yolks and sugar until pale
3. Whisk egg whites to soft peak
4. Add chocolate to melted butter and stir
5. Add chocolate mix to egg yolk and sugar, stir well
5. Add egg whites 1/3 at a time and fold to combine
6. Spoon into greased moulds
7. Cook at 150°C for 45 minutes

For the Sauce

1. Heat Cream and Chocolate slowly, stirring to melt chocolate
2. Add syrup, butter and salt. Stir until sauce is glossy


Finally and most importantly enjoy! If you have any other beer and food matches we’d love to hear them!

By Alex Cosgrove

News From The Brewhouse No.5 – On Tour To Veltins!

Welcome to a very special edition of News from the Brewhouse, which this month is brought to you all the way from Veltins Brewery in Germany! Last month some of the Purity team had the opportunity to head over to Dusseldorf and get to grips with all things Pilsener and to by no means rub it in, here’s what we found – Enjoy!

What is a Pilsener?

Pilsener is a type of pale lager that takes its name from the city of Plzeň, Bohemia, Czech Republic, where it was first produced in 1842.

Purity Brewing Co. and Veltins:

Purity has been importing Veltins Pilsener for a number of years. Veltins is highly regarded as one of the finest examples of German Pilsener. The water from the mountain springs all around Grevenstein is unusually soft. The brewery was formed in 1824 and is still owned by the same family. Veltins has gone from a small family operation starting as a brewpub in Grevenstein to now one of the largest brewers in Germany!

On the plane back from Germany we sat down with Purity Director of Sales Darryl Hinksman to give his reflections on the trip and explain how Veltins has become an integral element of Purity’s extended family.

  • Firstly why was Veltins chosen to join the Purity family?

We felt there were a lot of similarities; independently owned by the same family, a passion for quality and a strong ethical conviction which underpins everything they do which we felt matched our own approach.

  • What is it that makes Veltins Pilsener so special?

An absolute obsession with quality; strict adherence to the Reinheitsgebot (the 1516 German Purity Law) and their own natural spring water, they realised that their water was the perfect base for brewing Pilsener. They took the decision to only brew that style and brew the best beer that they can

  • Our Lawless Lager won the best German Style lager – how does it differ to Veltins?

Perhaps the biggest difference is the style; Veltins is a classic Pilsener whereas Lawless is a classic Pilsener with an idiosyncratic Purity twist! Lawless unlike Veltins is unfiltered and unpasteurised which adds to the flavour and also the hop profile we use differs to our German friends. We use an American hop El Dorado which gives Lawless its citrus notes and the kicker at the end.

  • What do you think are the similarities between the two brewers?

The main similarity has to be that we are both committed to sustainability. Veltins have their own water treatment centre similar if not more industrial than our own wetland system. They also are sticklers for quality and like us do everything to the best of their ability. You could easily apply our mantra of Pure Quality to Veltins in that the cleanliness and pride of work in the brew house drives us all forward.

  • How different is their brewery to ours?

It’s all about scale – the principles are the same as is the passion for hygiene and quality – it’s just that their brewery is one of the largest in Germany.

  • What can we learn from the way Veltins do business?

Build it and they will come! Essentially if you focus on producing the best possible beer without compromise then there are consumers who appreciate what you do and your business will grow. The trip to Veltins was an inspiring trip for us at Purity as it shows that even large established brewers who stick to their core values can flourish. They also recycle old and damaged beer crates to gain the raw material for new boxes. The rinsed bottles labels, cardboard boxes and other paper waste are recycled from paper mills.

Additionally Veltins strive to protect the environment and support numerous conservation projects in their local community. This commitment to develop sustainable future is something that we at Purity take inspiration from and shows us that brewing with a conscience is the right way!

The trip was a great success and not only gave us a greater insight to the Veltins business but also how beer fits into German culture. Check our social channels for some more pictures from the trip.

If you want to try some Veltins for yourself or to check out our other German beers pop over to

Prost! – Grab yourself a Veltins!

By Alex Cosgrove

News from the Brewhouse No. 4 – X Marks the spot as we Celebrate 10 Years of Purity!

It is a bumper month of news from the brew house this December as we launch our new limited edition brew ‘X’ – an American style Rye IPA aged in genuine American bourbon casks. X is a celebration of the finer things in life. Brewed with champion malts; Maris Otter, Rye, Crystal Rye and Cara to create a warming copper orange colour, hopped with Pilgrim, Chinook, Galaxy & Simcoe to give a lingering floral bitterness and as a final flourish, aged for 6 months in bourbon casks to create a warming finish. X is dedicated to all the people who have supported Purity over the past decade and made the company what it is today.

Bourbon by law has to be produced with 51% corn with the remaining mash produced with barley and rye; hence the reasoning using bourbon casks for our rye pale ale as opposed to using Scotch casks again.

‘X’ is a perfect demonstration of how the different approaches of our brew team combine with great effect. Our Quality Control Manager Aaron Taubman brings a measured and scientific approach whilst Director of Brewing Flo Vialan adds his creative and experimental flair to our expertly crafted 6.2% beer. ‘X’ is hopped with Galaxy, Chinook, Simcoe and English Pilgrim and before being left to mature for 6 months. The beer is then bottled by hand and corked before being stored for 2 weeks for secondary fermentation.

X has been brewed in celebration of an incredible 10 years, which has seen the company grow from a team of 2 men and a dog into a nationally acclaimed business with a team of 35 who are all still based at our rural Warwickshire location.

We sat down with Flo and Aaron to quiz them on how the idea for X came about and what it takes run a successful brewery which can stand the test of time and an increasingly competitive market place.

  • How did the idea arise releasing another barrel did aged beer come about?

After the success of Gnarly we wanted to experiment with different barrels and styles of beer. We took inspiration from how other brewers have set up barrel aging projects and we felt our beers were perfect to age. With this year being our 10th birthday we wanted to craft a brew that was a celebration of the last 10 years and a thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last decade.

  • Over the last 10 years what has been your favourite beer to brew?

That is a tough question – almost asking which your favourite child is! We both have an affinity for Pure Gold as it was the first brew we both did when we started albeit a few years between. Each brew and each beer has its own personality and challenges and we both love brewing all of them. If we didn’t we shouldn’t be here!

  • Gnarly was a great beer after Christmas dinner what food matches do you think X will go with?

We felt Gnarly was the perfect after Christmas dinner beer and was brilliant with Christmas cake and pudding. X differs slightly as it has more citrus aroma and profile with clementine notes that associated with Christmas. Also the bourbon ageing gives X as sweetness and smoothness that is a pleasure to savour and drink. But for something a bit special we think maple glazed spiced ribs or a dark chocolate and salted caramel torte.

  • So guys if we gave you and the brew team a free reign on producing any beer you wanted what would you develop?

That is a great question! We would have a lot of fun doing that we love researching different styles of beers and always take inspiration from brewers who look to push boundaries. Thanks to our new Brewhouse we are able to produce different styles of beer and that is how Lawless and Longhorn came about.

However coming from France and with knowledge of Wine I would love to do a sour beer aged in white wine casks or even a sour beer aged on fruit like they do in Belgium. I would also love the opportunity to start a barrel age project with different type of casks and all our beers and experiment with.

  • Aaron same question  

“Well like Flo I would love a barrel age project you just have to see the Brooklyn brewery and their project is immense! But the idea of a Lambic style beer is interesting or a barley wine again barrel aged.”

There we have it a limited edition brew that celebrates the craft and skill of our brew team and a thank you to all those who have supported us over the last few years! We hope you enjoy X and create some special memories yourselves with this brew.

This limited edition brew will be only available in 750ml bottles and there will only be 800 bottles produced so make sure you don’t hang around as once they are gone they are gone! Available from

Here’s to another 10 years of Purity (at least…)


By Alex Cosgrove

The Merchants Inn, Rugby our first Puritan Pub of the Year

As part of our tenth birthday, we have launched an initiative to celebrate pubs that uphold our ‘Pure Quality’ standard in the storage and serving of our award winning craft beers.

The ‘Puritan’ Pub of the Year title acknowledges the commitment to delivering the best pint of our beers possible to the consumer, and we have named The Merchants Inn, Rugby as our first winner.

The Merchants, known as The Pub of Rugby, is operated under the watchful gaze of Gary Burlison and Scott Whyment, who have turned the pub into a Midlands institution, where no trip into the town is complete without a pint of Mad Goose.

Gary, Scott and their team have become famed for the way in which they keep and serve their Purity beer and are testament to how, if you run your pub well, you can embed yourselves into the community and create a renowned and successful business.

Our Director of Brewing, Flo Vialan, and Quality Manager, Aaron Taubman, have prided themselves on the cleanliness of our brewery and the care and attention paid to the brew, all in the name of achieving absolute consistency. This detail permeates the rest of the business where ‘Pure Quality’ is practiced by all of the Purity team whether in the offices, on the road or in the brewery shop.

We have taken the unique ‘Pure Quality’ mantra further as a means of encouraging best practice amongst our customers and as a way of supporting them in delivering the best pint of beer possible. We have always worked hard to get close to our customers and have been able to add to the consumer experience by championing the virtues of a pristine cellar and well-kept and conditioned beer.

Our MD Paul Halsey, said: “We are delighted to announce The Merchants Inn as our first Puritan Pub of the Year. Gary and Scott are fantastic operators and never fail to take great care of the beer that we carefully craft here at the brewery. Their outlook on business and their work ethic is exceptional, and they are repaid over and over by their loyal staff and customers.

“In our industry, we are fortunate to meet and work with some top people and Gary and Scott are a fine example of that. It is no wonder that the fabled ‘Merchants’ has led to this great team being proclaimed ‘Puritan Pub of the Year’. All of us at Purity are delighted to raise a glass to them and we look forward to celebrating with more of our loyal advocates as we name more pubs as ‘Puritan’ pubs over the coming years.”

Scott Whyment, The Merchants, comments: “We are delighted to have been named as the inaugural ‘Puritan Pub of the Year’. To be recognised by the brewery for the way we serve their beer and keep our cellar is testament to the hard work of The Merchants Inn team and something that we will all look forward to celebrating together. The quality of the beer is exceptional and we are proud of our high standards and the quality of our service. Cheers.”

By Ian Parkes

Back in the Saddle… Black is Back!

Back in the Saddle – Purity’s Saddle Black Returns for Another Season

Our cycling inspired, International Beer Award winning seasonal beer, Saddle Black, is back in cask until April 2016.

Saddle Black is a full flavoured 5.1% hoppy black beer which uses Chinook and Cascade hops to give a slightly smoky and floral aroma, combining a mix of black pepper, dark fruits, orange and spices. Roasted malts provide a taste of chocolate and espresso, while the use of smoked malt ensures a well-rounded finish for a full-bodied mouth feel.

Here at Purity we are keen to continue promoting cycling and the British cycling community and thanks to our rural home where we see’s hundreds of cyclists pass every week is the our tribute to all our friends on two wheels.

Our MD Paul Halsey comments: “We love bringing Saddle Black back for fans as the dark evenings set in. The craft we put into the beer reflects the passion of Brooks England and Pashley Cycles, long established West Midland companies at the forefront of their trade.”
“Saddle Black is a complex black beer and one that we are extremely proud of. In brewing Saddle Black, Flo and the brew team have created a beer, which is full of flavour yet beautifully balanced. Saddle Black is excellent with strong hard cheeses as we have proven with our friends at Purecraft bar in Birmingham who pair Saddle Black with warm Eccles Cakes and Berkswell – a hard sheep’s cheese. Here is to another season of Saddle Black and to our cycling friends– Chapeau!”

To celebrate the beer, we have also designed Saddle Black cycling jerseys which are priced at £39.90 and are available at our brewery shop and at

By Alex Cosgrove

Purity Brewing Company celebrates further growth as it turns ten years old

As we move into our 10th year, we are delighted to report a strong performance at financial year end. The company is reporting a £5,900,000 turnover, which means growth of 35% year on year.

We continue to go from strength to strength and can celebrate our 10th Birthday in style thanks to World Beer Award wins for Pure UBU (World’s Best Amber Ale) and Lawless Lager (World’s Best German Style Lager), exciting new partnerships, a growing team and the likelihood of a new beer on the way in 2016.

Purity owners Paul Halsey and James Minkin launched the brewery at Upper Spernall Farm in 2005, when they brewed and sold the beer, and even made the deliveries themselves, before recruiting now Director of Brewing Flo Vialan and building up a dedicated team of passionate people to deal with the growing demand.

Having started out with just two cask ales, Pure Gold and Pure UBU, our range has now grown to include Mad Goose and Saddle Black, as well as craft keg beers Longhorn IPA and Lawless Lager. We have been rewarded for our dedication to brewing quality and consistent beers by winning multiple national awards with CAMRA and SIBA and international awards at the International Beer Challenge and World Beer Awards, a sure sign that they we are continuing to satisfy the tastes of our discerning and loyal fan base.

In an exciting year for the Purity, our ethic of ‘brewing with a conscience’ has seen us named UK Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year, whist our growth and the award-winning nature of our beers has also seen us announce long-term partnerships with Wasps and Ricoh Arena, as well as continuing its relationships with Coventry Rugby and a number of regional music festivals including Mostly Jazz, Moseley Folk and Lunar Festival.

Purity MD, Paul Halsey: “For us, our ongoing success is absolutely down to our staff, supporters and loyal customers, who we know truly appreciate our approach to brewing. We have unwaveringly stuck to our principles of quality, attention to detail and brewing with a conscience and as we enter our 10th year have created a fantastic story and incredible following. Our ‘Puritans’ are the reason we keep growing, so here’s to everyone that enjoys our beer and makes us who we are today. I can promise that our values will continue to drive everything we do as we enter an exciting new chapter.”

By Alex Cosgrove

Purity Brewing Company on Top of the World with Latest Award Wins

We are on top of the world after two of our beers won at the 2015 World Beer Awards to cap an incredible year for the U.K’s Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year.

Pure UBU and Lawless Lager have both received global recognition after winning the national, continental and now worldwide stages in the highly prestigious awards ceremony.

Pure UBU, has been named World’s Best Amber Ale whilst our latest brew Lawless Lager took the much-coveted World’s Best German-Style Lager. Lawless Lager is Flo Vialan’s (our Director of Brewing) take on the 500 year old German Purity Law ‘The Reinheitsgebot’, whereby the beer is brewed with only four natural ingredients but given a twist when it is hopped with El Dorado to give it a distinctive and full flavour. As we say, ‘Lawless respects the rules as long as they are the rules according to Flo’s Law’.

The World Beer Awards are the global awards, which select the very best of each internationally recognised beer styles. The annual tasting selects, awards and promotes the ‘World’s Best Beers’ to consumers and the trade throughout the world.

Judging is blind with regional style heats held in Asia, Europe and the Americas. All regions have their own Chairman and group of judges who select the style winners in their region. 

Style winners from all regions are then tasted against each other to select the World’s Best Style. From these world winners judges select the World’s Best categories, from which the World’s Best Beer is selected. World Beer Awards judges include hugely respected industry writers, leaders and critics. This year’s judges were Adrian Tierney-Jones, Mark Dorber, Will Hawkes, Jessica Mason, Jeff Evans, Tim Hampson, Glenn Payne, Chris Hall, Mitchel Adams and Claire Dodd. 

Our MD Paul Halsey said: “The national and continental awards the two beers picked up were wonderful accolades in themselves, but to see both named World’s Best with the backing of such a discerning group of judges is an absolute honour and something we are very proud of. We started brewing Pure UBU ten years ago now and to see it continuing to win awards is fantastic. The award for our newest brew ‘Lawless Lager’ is the icing on the cake and for those that haven’t tried it yet, we would urge you to do so. This idiosyncratic beer is a real gem and I think may well become the jewel in Purity’s crown.”

“Everything we do at Purity is driven by our core value of ‘Pure Quality’ and to receive global recognition is real testament to our brew team and to the loyalty of our customers who have helped us grow and remain our most prized advocates.”

For more information about and to order the World’s best for yourself, visit


By Alex Cosgrove

News from the Brew House No.3 – From Humble Grain to Great Celebrations

Welcome to the third edition of News from the Brewhouse. This time we look at the often unsung hero in brewing – malt and in particular Maris Otter, which this year celebrates its unprecedented 50th uninterrupted harvest.

To mark the occasion H Banham Ltd, along with David & Rachel Holliday from The Norfolk Brewhouse, are putting together the Maris Otter 50 Beer Festival. There will be new brewers, established brewers, small micros as well as larger brewers – but they all share one thing in common – a passion for brewing with Maris Otter.

All the brewers attending the festival are crafting a new beer to debut at the celebration event. So that’s 50 new brews celebrating the very special malting barley, which in its 50 years has become recognised as the premium choice for brewers the world over.

We sat down with our Director of Brewing, Flo to delve deeper into Maris Otter and ask him why we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate with the growers:

Well Flo, it is the Maris Otter 50th beer festival this week, can you tell us why Purity use Maris Otter malt and what it gives us that other Malts can’t?

Maris Otter provides a strong base to our beers. Essentially it is the spine of a good beer that allows the speciality malts and hops to flourish. The reason we use Maris Otter is the consistency of the harvest. We know that year after year we are getting high quality malt, which allows us to create the highest quality beer. Using Maris Otter also improves the clarity of the beer too as some lesser malts can cause haze issues in the final beer, owing to the nitrogen levels in the grain. Some malt has high levels of nitrogen can cause this hazing, whereas Maris Otter which has a low nitrogen content helps us to brew a crystal clear beer. Another benefit of using MO is that it mills well and breaks down into a fine grist any which doesn’t get stuck in the lauter tun or pipes which pump the spent grain out to the farm for feed.  However, more important than anything is that MO gives great mouth feel, something that Purity prides itself on with our beers.

Where do we source the malt and why them?

All of our malts come from Simpson’s Malt and our MO is all grown and malted in East Anglia, funnily enough Henry Blofeld from BBC TMS family own a lot of arable land in East Anglia and are some of the largest producers of MO in the UK so our resident cricket fan in the office was over the moon when we told him about this. We use Simpsons’ again for the quality and year on year consistency that we need to keep producing award winning beers.

Why is Maris Otter such a pleasure to brew with?

MO has superb maltose extraction levels. Maltose is the sugar we need to allow the yeast to feed and produce alcohol. MO provides us with 98% maltose extraction, which is brilliant for yields and means we can produce more beer for less input.

How did the idea of Pure MO come about and why did we get involved?

Essentially they approached us as they knew we care about our ingredients and only use the highest quality possible and how could we refuse? To showcase this great malt and celebrate it being used for 50 years in the brewing industry we felt we had to get involved. As MO is a winter variety of malt it grows slower and is more difficult to grow but it is this slow growth cycle that gives the low nitrogen and high sugar levels.

Pure MO is our nod to this malt and we feel it showcases the brilliance of the malt. We kept the addition of other malts to a minimum as we wanted MO to be the star of the show. Pure MO is extra pale ale but we have added some Chinook, Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops as well as our new bittering hop Pilgrim from Worcestershire that gives a citrus fruit aroma and taste and giving Pure MO a zesty finish.

Why should we celebrate the 50 years of Maris otter?

One reason we should celebrate the 50th harvest of MO as it is a crop that has been developed with brewers and farmers together for a better quality beer not just for a quick crop to be a cash cow. The difficulties to grow the malt are outweighed by the final products. We wouldn’t use anything other than MO because it is the premium malt, we as a brew team can trust that it will be reliable to give us a high quality pint and it is proved and tested. Let’s hope that we can celebrate another 50 years of MO.

There we have it a glowing testament to MO from Flo, we feel that Pure MO is a great celebration beer for the MO festival, we want to hear what you think. If you are going to the festival and try Pure MO let us know via our social channels what you think. Follow us  @purityale on Twitter or like us at PurityBrewingCo on Facebook.

For more information on the festival check out


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