Warwickshire based brewer Purity Brewing Company today announced their latest PURE ECO initiative: to remove 163 tonnes of CO2 emissions from the production and distribution process of their 500ml bottle.

Known for its lifelong focus on sustainable brewing practices Purity has recently introduced a new lightweight bottle to replace its existing 500ml PBA. Selling over 1.5M bottles a year of their nationally recognised and award-winning brands Mad Goose, Pure UBU, Pure Gold and Longhorn IPA Purity acknowledged that glass contributed to over 35% of its carbon emissions in one year.

Following a partnership with NET ZERO NOW Purity completed its first Carbon Footprint measurement in early 2022 and acted quickly on developing a carbon reduction plan targeting its biggest CO2 emission culprits.

By April 2022 Purity had introduced UPM Raflatac’s Forest Film Labels, a 100% renewable alternative to plastic, across their entire packaging range. Following the successful launch, the sustainable brewer turned its eye targeting its glass bottle, moving away from its traditional long necked 500ml bottle, and replacing it with a more modern, lightweight (50g lighter), alternative - resulting in a 13% reduction of their total packaging emissions.

To communicate the positive move; with the new bottle comes a new look for Purity too.

Paul Brazier – Head of Marketing & Sustainability Lead commented ‘Stocked across all the major grocers from early April, our Puritans will notice a different look to our bottles with introduction of a ‘green’ neck label highlighting the positive change we’ve made.’ he added ‘We understand how important making the right sustainable choices plays in the decision making for our consumers, so ensuring our brand and message stands out at point of purchase was really important to us.’

Andy Maddock – Group CEO commented on the move ‘It’s fantastic to see our new carbon saving light weight bottle appearing on shelves across the UK, it’s just another step on the incredible sustainability journey we’ve been on since 2005.’

Maddock added ’We’re incredibly proud of our Pure Eco credentials and  it’s great to see us again being recognised for making a positive difference. However, as always, our sustainability journey doesn’t stop here, we [our Pure Eco Sustainability Forum] are already working on the next initiative to help reduce our emissions further, just watch this space.’