Season of Malts and Hoppy Fruitfulness

Season of Malts and Hoppy Fruitfulness

Posted by JC on 23rd Oct 2023

As the mercury drops and the leaves turn it’s always a good time to have a look at some different beers.

Warmer flavours always trump warm beer (a big no no) so if you haven’t expanded your beer repertoire all summer from our brilliant Helles Lager and Session IPA now might be the time to explore some our favourites for the Autumnal season.

Pure Stout – Don’t let the darker hue confuse you. The warming, roasted flavours of a stout can still present a refreshing pint served nice and cool. Our nitro cans also help get that pub poured creaminess that brings the dark, roasted malt, hint of coffee and fresh hop aromas together. Get your fix of this delicious beer online with a DELICIOUS 10% discount!. 

Longhorn IPA Cask – This is a yearly beer we get particularly excited about. Longhorn has been around for nearly 10 years now and as an American style IPA was always intended for keg and can. However, we know that to get some different benefits from the complex rye crystal malt and resinous, fruity new world hops it would work as a cask conditioned ale as well…and boy were we right! If you are not lucky enough to find on draft in your local we have the solution for you.

New England IPA (formerly Kveik) - The ‘warmth’ in this beer comes from the 5.8% ABV but that is beautifully balanced by the pillowy delivery of the hop bitterness and aroma through the high attenuation fermentation that comes from the Kveik yeast strain. Tropical fruit, some resin and relatively low IBU means this beer is ideal for the transition in temperatures we get this time of year. Again this will be appearing on the bars of some of our Purity partners soon but you can always get a hit of this fantastic brew here.

New England IPA