Seeds of Change and Bunny Hop Bottles Help Pure Eco !

Sometimes it's the little things that set off the biggest changes; like the small bunnys that hopped in the path of our co-founder Paul's bike ride through Spernal farm back in 2005 that led to the founding of our brewery, or shaving just 50g off our bottles, reducing our CO2 emissions by up to 35% and now moving to seed impregnated paper for our brewery tour vouchers meaning they not only compost down but produce flowers as well. 

Purity have never been afraid of making the big changes either. From day one we have been at the forefront of the sustainable brewing movement. The first in the UK to use a passive wetland system to filter the waste water from the brewing process. This requires 4 and 1/2 acres of land with associated rental cost. In 2012 investing 1.8 million in a brand new state of the art brew house that has reduced the by-product water from 8 down to to 2.8 pints per pint of beer. Clever technologies like steam capture and heat exchange means our brewery can also run up to 95% efficient in terms of energy to hot water conversion. 

Of course being on a farm means other potential environmentally impactful by-products from the brewery like spent grain, used hops and waste yeast are dealt with yards away from the brewhouse itself rather than having to be shipped off site. 

In 2020 we convened our interdepartmental Pure Eco forum, with each member being tasked with finding those next changes, large or small that will make that BIG ECO DIFFERENCE!