With Dry January coming to an end, we are pleased to announce an exciting innovation in our cask beer range.

With increased interest from consumers in vegan friendly and gluten free products, we took the decision to relaunch our popular extra hopped pale ale, Bunny Hop. Bunny Hop is now available in cask without isinglass finings, changing its appearance from a light golden beer, to a Hazy Pale Ale that is both vegan friendly and gluten free.

The strength of Bunny Hop stays at an accessible 3.5% whilst the recipe of the beer has been adjusted to enhance the mouth feel and aroma. Our brew team have increased the percentage of oats to enhance the haziness and introduced dry hopping with El Dorado, Centennial and Azacca.

Paul Halsey Founder and CEO said

“We have seen a trend towards healthier lifestyles and an increased awareness around vegan and ‘free from’, and we wanted to offer a solution for consumers looking for these particular qualities, without losing any taste or aroma. At 3.5% it made sense to make Bunny Hop available in the vegan friendly and gluten free format, with the fullness of flavour that drinkers have come to expect from our beers. “



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