New ECO lables, another step to sustainability

New ECO lables, another step to sustainability

New ECO lables, another step to sustainability

New ECO lables, another step to sustainability
New look cans

Since we were founded in 2005 by two friends, Paul & Jim, sustainability has been at the heart of everything we doBased on a working farm in the middle of the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, our environment continues to inspire usOur brewing practises are at the forefront of the sustainable brewing movement, and now we’ve expanded our sustainability strategy to include our eye-catching labels. 


Our commitment to sustainable brewing

We’re committed to brewing sustainably; a lot of breweries use between 5 and 8 pints of water to brew just one pint of beer. We use heat exchange and steam capture technology and have reduced this to only 2.8 pints. We invested in our brewing system in 2013 to increase yield from our raw brewing ingredients. By increasing the yield we’re reducing our demand on natural resources and our carbon footprint.  


We also take the spent grain from the brewing process and recycle it as feed for the Longhorn cattle on both our farm and the cattle on the surrounding farms. Fun fact- Longhorn cattle are also the inspiration for our award-winning Longhorn IPA.  During the brewing process we also generate 1 tonne of spent hops a week. The hops have as high moisture retention and nitrogen values, so we send them to local farms for compost and fertiliser. We also send our spent yeast to local farmers to feed their pigs. 

But we haven’t stopped there.  We’ve partnered with environmental business NET ZERO and have set up our own internal Sustainability Forum that will drive our sustainability agenda forward. 

A can of longhorn IPA
Mixed Purity cans sat next to a Purity box

Introducing our sustainable labels

Not one to rest on our laurels we have redesigned and introduced new sustainable labels for our cans. These new labels have been manufactured as a 100% renewable alternative to plastic labels. They use Forest Film White Label material which is made of UPM BioVerno naphtha. It’s wood based and replaces traditional fossil based options. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests and as such these labels are verified as both sustainable and as made from using renewable resources; they have been responsibly sourced to minimise the negative environmental impact. Forest Film is an ISCC certified product. 

Our labels tell the story of our beers, from how Double Bunny got its name to the tasting notes of Lawless lager as well as the all-important volume and ABV. And now, our labels also help us in getting another step closer to achieving our sustainability goals and looking after the environment that continues to inspire us. 


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