Purity Brewing Goes Vegan

Purity Brewing Goes Vegan

Purity Brewing Goes Vegan

Purity Brewing Goes Vegan

As of the 12th April and the opening of Pub gardens nationwide, all beer, including cask, leaving Purity Brewing Company’s Warwickshire farm location will now be suitable vegans.

Since 2005 and the launch of Pure UBU and Pure Gold, Purity have set about widening the appeal of modern-day cask beer. From day one, they have strived to produce only the very best premium quality beer; it’s called Pure Quality and is a value they still stand by today. Not only does Pure Quality stand for brewing with only the finest ingredients, it also informs the way Purity develop their beers and their continual journey of improvement.

Over recent years, Purity have noticed an exponential growth of veganism across the UK. Paul Brazier Head Of marketing has commented ‘[Over the past few years year] the UK has seen a growing trend of health-conscious consumers, looking for healthier alternatives to their regular products they would normally purchase.  Here at Purity we’ve seen a growing demand for Gluten Free, organic and vegan beers which led us to launch a Gluten Free specialty range in 2019.’ He added ‘It was only last January we relaunched Bunny Hop as a Gluten Free Vegan Hazy Pale in Cask to offer an alternative to isinglass fined traditional cask and meet a demand from cask consumers.’

Since the relaunch of Bunny Hop in January 2020, Purity’s journey did not stop there, during summer of 2020 Head Brewer Flo Vialan took steps to ensure all bottled product was vegan friendly to complement their full range of vegan friendly keg and canned beers.

Flo Vialan commented ‘Our keg, can and most recently bottle products are all vegan friendly, unfiltered and brewed without the use of isinglass finings. This got us thinking, as a business built on accessibility of modern-day beer, we wanted to ensure everyone could enjoy our full range, including cask.’

Alongside the majority of the brewing industry Isinglass finings, a gelatin derived from the swim bladders of tropical fish, as a process to aid the conditioning and clarity of our beers. The use of isinglass is a process that’s been common practice in the UK for hundreds of years. Traditionally, all cask beers have been designed to be served without a haze and the use of Isinglass has been key to this.

In early lockdown, Purity set about changing this.  Following some initial trials and research into credible alternatives, they found a way to remove this animal bi-product from their brewing process.

Flo added ‘After a number of trials back in 2020 and the early part of this year, I am are pleased to announce that we have successfully removed Isinglass entirely from our cask beer range. Essentially, we have switched to a vegan-friendly fining agent Super F. This will ensure all of our cask beer will continue to have the same appearance they have had since Purity was founded back in 2005.’

‘The new finings will work to the same principle as the previous finings, the change will not impact quality, flavour or aroma.  However, whilst tapping and conditioning remains the same, it will take a little longer (up to three days) to completely drop bright.’

Paul Halsey CEO commented on the move ‘We’re truly excited about our move to be one of a few entirely vegan friendly breweries in UK. When Jim and I set about building Purity, our aim was always to make quality cask beer as accessible as possible. With the changes in healthier consumer lifestyle this move is a real positive change brewery and supports our Pure Quality and Pure ECO values we set out back in 2005.


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