Real Characters: Matt Hales

Real Characters: Matt Hales

Real Characters: Matt Hales

Real Characters: Matt Hales

Home brewing gets a bad rep. For many, the idea of a home brew remains a warm, sticky, BOOZY ale, fermenting away in someone’s cupboard under the stairs. The kind that leaves you screwing your face as if chewing a wasp soaked in Ethanol.

We know differently & we’ve seen the evidence since launching our UBREW event at the brewery in November 2018. Our open mic night for the local home brewing community if you will. Good or bad, we come together, share tales of sweat and tears, whilst of course… tasting beers.  Home brewing is no longer mop buckets of murky brown water and exploding milk bottles, but a science lab for students of beer, fully loaded with an arsenal of ‘beer kits’, allowing anybody to replicate some of their favourite beers from the comfort of their own homes.

That’s exactly how Matt Hales started. The winner of our most recent UBREW event, Matt was invited down to Purity to brew his award winning beer on our pilot kit last week. His chocolate vanilla stout (Sweet like Chocolate) blew our brew team away, describing it as ‘liquid chocolate cake.’

Matt is currently on a career break as a stay at home dad. The hardest job he’s ever had, but it has allowed Matt to refine his home brewing skills. Matt explained to us how he first got into home brewing.

“I first started brewing nearly 3 years ago, when my wife came home from the library with a home brew book. I was hooked very quickly and all the gear to start brewing was instantly ordered on Amazon. I didn’t take the usual route to home brewing like most people, by brewing from extract kits and progressing to all grain later, I just went straight to all grain brewing. The first beer I brewed was surprisingly good for a first attempt; it was a clone of Pliny the Elder by Russian river brewing, an 8% double IPA, one of the best hoppy IPAs from USA. I like most styles of beer, but really love hop forward beers.”

Last year Matt upgraded his home brewing setup to a 50L stainless all in one brewing system called The beer Torrent. He’s had a series of successful brews with this kit, including a several homebrew competitions.

Matt’s decision to brew his Chocolate & Vanilla stout was inspired by Tiny Rebels marshmallow porter, Stay Puft. “In my beer I gradually increased the chocolate and vanilla until I was happy with the flavour, and mouth feel. It’s actually only the 2nd stout I’ve ever made.”

Matt will be unveiling ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ at our next UBREW event on 12th June, at Pure Craft Bar in Birmingham. Whether you want to enter your home brew to be judged by our brew team, or simply want to have a drink with some fellow beer enthusiasts, grab your free tickets at & claim your free taster of ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’.

Published by Jake Nash


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