Dunkertons Sparkling Perry

Dunkertons Sparkling Perry – 7.5%

Dunkertons Sparking Perry is made from organically grown Perry Pears, which give it it’s distinctive aroma and refreshingly delicate taste. Though relatively uncommon, the Perry Pear trees are easily identifiable in Herefordshire’s orchard landscape by their height and their strikingly beautiful white blossom. Over 300 years old, these mature trees often produce over a ton of pears every year. Dunkertons press varieties include¬†Merrylegs, Red Horse, Moorcroft, Painted Lady and Thorn.

Dunkertons Sparkling Perry is organic, vegan and gluten free. It pours golden and slightly hazy with gentle bubbles, whilst the taste is well balanced and creamy with initial sweetness and a slight dry finish. Dunkertons Sparkling Perry is best enjoyed chilled.




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