Lockdown Beer Box

Discover the world of Purity with a mixed case of all our favourite beers. From a Hazy Pale Ale and a Juicy New England IPA to a velvety Sherry Cask Barrel Aged Black Double IPA, there is a beer for every beer-lover to discover.

Over lockdown many of our customers have been up for trying something new, so we thought we’d launch the perfect beer box with almost one of everything, for them

Our Lockdown Beer Box includes our signature Purity 2/3rds Pint Stemless glass and the following:

  • Pure Gold 500ml bottle, our 4.3% crisp and zesty golden ale
  • Mad Goose 500ml bottle, our 4.2% sharp and citrus pale ale
  • Pure UBU 500ml bottle, our 4.5% full flavoured amber ale
  • Lawless Lager 330ml can, our 4.5% unfiltered and unpasteurized 40 day-matured craft lager.
  • Bunny Hop 330ml can, 3.5% our gluten free extra hoppy, hazy pale ale
  • Saddle Black 330ml can, 5.8% our big and bold, gnarly black IPA
  • Longhorn IPA 330ml can, 5% our distinctive, full bodied American style rye IPA
  • Session IPA 500ml can, 4.5% our gluten free Session IPA brimming with tropical fruit
  • Pure Helles 500ml can, 5% our organic and gluten free take on this classic German style lager
  • Kveik 500ml can, 5.8% , our big, bold and juicy New England style IPA
  • Switch Black 440ml can, 7%, our limited edition Sherry Cask Barrel Aged Black DIPA

All of our beers are vegan.

Subject to stock availability. On occasion suitable substitute products may replace original line up.




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© Purity Brewing Co
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