Purity for German Beers

Purity for German Beers



In 1516 a law was passed in Bavaria stipulating that only water, hops and barley were permitted in the making of beer (yeast had yet to have its magic touch recognised and formulated). This Reinheitsgebot or ‘Purity Law’ was quickly adopted across more German states and remains in essence to this day as the standard to which a true German beer should be brewed.

Every year the beer halls of Munich are filled with joyful drinkers celebrating fine German beers. To help you join in the fun and find out what all the fuss is about we  have put together a special mixed case of some of our favourite German beers along with some free Maisels and Veltins branded glassware to enhance your drinking experience.

Lovers of true Pilsner lager will find Veltins one of the finest examples. Clean, crisp and refreshing. Maisels Weisse and Maisels Alcofrie have all those trademark aromas of banana and cloves while possessing a refreshing mouthfeel. Marzen Rauchier has been compared to drinking a smoked ham. Sounds weird. Tastes fantastic! Finally our own take on a classic Helles lager. Bright, light and refreshing. Pure Helles is also Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly and has a Soil Association Organic stamp.

Case includes

2 x Veltins 50cl

2 x Maisels 50cl

2 x Maisels Alcofrie 50cl

2 x Schllenkerla Raucbier 50cl

2 x Pure Helles 50cl

1 x Maisels Pint Glass – 1 x Veltins Stein

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