Purity Brewing Co. Pure UBU T-shirt

One of our best selling t-shirts, created after our faithful canine friend and retired farm sheep dog Tess. Tess was often found lazing around the farm and affectionately then nicknamed ‘Useless Bloody Urchin’ or UBU for short by founding partners Jim and Paul.

So it was only right that we honoured Tess in the best way we know how; Pure UBU is a well-balanced, full flavour amber ale brewed with the finest malts, alongside Chinook and Cascade hops for a smooth and satisfying beer with malty overtones.

For those Pure UBU lovers out there, we created a T-shirt for you to proudly show off your love of one of our best selling beers. Our Pure UBU cotton t-shirt is lightweight, breathable and is unisex in size.



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