Research and Refresh – 12 Bottle Mixed Case

Research and Refresh – 12 Bottle Mixed Case


Research and Refresh

Whether you are taking the dryanuary challenge or not, after a month of trying amazing beers it is sometimes a good idea to give the pallet a refresh and find some alternative drinks for these less festive winter nights. At Bottle Shack we like to champion the best of the best of all types of drink. Be it beer, wine, spirits or soft drinks. We’ve put together a mixed case of our favourite soft drinks and non-alcoholic ale. From the crisp and sharp Luscombes Sicilian Lemonade, through the exciting, natural flavour of Fritz Kola to the outstanding aromas and quenching balance of Maisels Alcofrei we think there should be something to break the monotony and please the taste buds. Find a favourite, order a case of it before the end of January and get a 10% discount.

See. January’s not all bad.

2 x Luscombes Sicilian Lemonade – Zesty, real lemonade with Sicilian lemons

2 x Luscombes Hot Ginger – A proper ginger beer. Full of spicy warmth

2 x Luscombes Raspberry – You’ll be spitting out imaginary pips such is the real fruit flavour of this one

2 x Luscombes Cranberry – A perfect balance of sweet and sour

2 x Maisels AlcoFrie – The ONLY non-alcoholic beer worth the name ‘beer’

1 x Fritz – Naturally produced high caffeine kola. Vegan friendly as well.

1 x Fritz Diet – As above but with the satisfaction of knowing you’re also avoiding sugar.

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