Pure Partner Brands

Crate Brewery

Sharing the same philosophy on sustainability, innovation, quality and customer experience a partnership with Crate made sense. Established 2012 in East London, Crate’s defining characteristic in all their beers is balance. Keeping a finger on the pulse you can expect loads of flavour, big aromatics, and beers you want buy and buy again. 


Our longstanding Pure Partner Maisels is an independent family-owned brewery based in Bayreuth in Northern Bavaria. Brewer of Maisel’s Weisse Original and ALKOFREI Maisels have been brewing their specialty beers for over four generations. Using only the mountain spring water and Hallertau hops Maisel’s unique character stems from the Bayerische Edelreifung – a traditional method of brewing using their own pure culture yeast handed down from one generation of master brewers to the next.

Napton's Cider

Close friends and Warwickshire based producer of Artisan cider, Napton Cidery took their first steps into cider production back in 2015 by husband and wife duo, Jolyon and Charlotte Olivier. 

Sharing a similar ethos as us here at Purity, Napton’s mission is to craft bold but perfectly smooth ciders, by a naturally fermenting fresh locally pressed apple juice. Just like a fine wine, Napton’s ciders slow ferment for a minimum of 9 months, hand blended and meticulously finished to guarantee that signature rich deep Napton flavour with a naturally high juice content. 

Dunkerton's Cider

Founded in 1980 with a pioneering spirit and vision, Dunkertons was the first UK cidery to be certified organic. Longstanding friends Ivor and Susie set about making deep flavoured organic ciders and perry’s without any concentrates or chemicals, instead growing apples in harmony with the environment to help sustain the natural eco-system – Hand blended with freshly harvested whole pressed organic apples and matured for over 12 months. The result is a range of award-winning organic ciders and perry all with over 90% juice that are naturally gluten free and suitable for vegans.


Founded in 1824 in Grevenstein, Germany – Veltins has evolved into one of Europe’s biggest and most successful privately – owned breweries. With quality and sustainability at the heart of business Purity has been a long supporter and one of only a handful of distributor of Veltins in the UK. Brewed according to the German Purity Law ‘Reinheitsgebot’ using only mountain fresh spring water and traditional German Nobel Hops – saaz.