Pure Partners

Our business has been built on the strength of our relationships. Since 2005 we have built a community of loyal fans (or Puritans as we like to call them) from Customers to Consumers, Suppliers, Brewers, Locals, Foodies, Music Lovers, Festival Goers, Sports Fans, Community and Professional clubs.

Brewing Partners

Like minded and  sharing the same values, our partner brands are a big part of our community.

From artisan cideries to East London breweries, read more about our Partners

The Pancreatic Research Fund

Since 202 we've raised over £10,000 for the Pancreatic Research Fund through our sales of JIMBO.

Sports Partners

As keen sportsmen and former Rugby teammates themselves, sport has always played a significant role in Paul and Jim’s lives influencing Purity’s founding values from the way we operate as a business and team to delivering the perfect pub pint at the game.

We know watching sport with a beer is one of those great British past times. Whether in the pub with mates, at home with family or in stadia with fellow fans – sport always has and always will play a significant role connecting with our community.


Purity has always been a name synonymous with music and the arts, thanks to our longstanding relationships with some of the best live music events and festivals in and around our heartland including the fantastic Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul, Moseley Folk, Camper Calling, and 2000Tree’s. As a thriving young business, we love to keep our finger on the cultural pulse.

To work with us at a festival please contact alex.cosgrove@puritybrewing.com