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by Alex Cosgrove

Sour Beer lovers rejoice! We are launching a luxury new beer to put some colour back into the bleak winter months. Named Maravilla Sour, the limited edition brew is a ruby red Belgian-style raspberry sour, deeply complex and full to the brim with crisp fruit tartness.

In our first venture into ‘the world of sour’, the full-bodied beer is brewed with locally sourced Maravilla raspberries and premium Maris Otter, Oat and Crystal malts, generously hopped with Godiva & Bullion to give a subtle berry fragrance, underpinned by fresh fruit flavours.

This small batch beer is limited to a run of 1,200 750 ml corked champagne-style bottles at 6.5%. In addition we have kegged some of this years limited edition brew which will be on the bar of your favourite craft beer bar soon!

And in more good news for our Puritans, after winning the Good Pub Guide’s Brewery of the Year for 2018 we are also celebrating the return of its hoppy Black IPA, Saddle Black, which is now back in cask for the winter at 5.8%

We had both beers on tap for  our Puritan members at an exclusive brewery event on 25th November, which officially launched and saw the release of Maravilla Sour at the brewery shop and online at We also had a launch event with our friends The Kings Arms E2 this week which saw our Director of Brewing and our own Matt the Beer release Maravilla Sour to the Capital.

On our first steps into the world of sour our cofounder Paul Halsey, said: “We really enjoy creating these limited edition beers and over the years we’ve had some fantastic feedback. Maravilla Sour is a first of its kind for us; we’ve taken only the best Belgium triple yeast, cultured lactobacillus from the local cheese producer and combined it with Herefordshire’s best raspberries to produce a truly premium well-balanced ruby sour beer.”

Maravilla Sour is best served with braised red meats, dry aged steaks, strong mature cheeses, and rich chocolate desserts.

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Purity Brewing 2017 Limited Edition – Maravilla Sour