By Alex Cosgrove

News from the Brewhouse No.9 – Pure Hopped Cider

Welcome to the latest edition of the news from the brews, this month we’re bringing news from the brew house and the cider press. Eagle eyed Purity and Westons Cider fans will have seen we have been busy over the last few months collaborating to bring an exciting new cider; Pure Hopped! Our new cider is a craft cider made with a 100% fresh apple juice from Herefordshire and a dash of the finest Target hops from Worcestershire.  Pure hopped cider adds genuine innovation to the growing craft cider market.

Pure Hopped is made with locally sourced cider apples from Herefordshire and Target hops from Stocks Farm in Worcestershire, before being gently matured for up to 6 months in Westons own oak vats. The result is a beautifully balanced and smooth drinking cider with a naturally hazy appearance. Sweet undertones compliment the subtle citrus and hop flavours leaving a refreshingly dry finish.

Pure Hopped is the result of a chance conversation on the annual hop walk at Worcestershire’s Stocks Farm. During the walk our MD Paul Halsey spoke to the farm’s owner and British hop advocate, Ali Capper, about the hopped ciders he had tried in the United States. With a glint in her eye, Ali took Paul to the Target hop bines and instantly Paul knew that Ali ‘got it’.

After discussing the idea with Westons Guy Lawrence, the 5th generation cider maker, they set out to create a unique blend of 100% cider apples ideally suited to the Target hops from Stocks Farm. Two weeks later they poured two glasses straight from the tap and a perfect collaboration was born – a balanced cider with a citrus hop twist.

Our founder Paul explains his excitement on Pure Hopped “We are in an age of true innovation in the drinks sector. At Purity we are proud to have been at the forefront of the craft beer movement in the UK throughout the past 10 years and are delighted to be working with Westons on our latest collaboration. Hopped cider is something I came across in the US and ever since my first pint I have been going on about these ciders to Flo & his team to see what we could do. Since that trip to Portland in the States I have wanted to create one. Combining the expertise of Westons and the innovation of Purity has led us to create a premium craft cider of the finest quality.”

Pure Hopped Cider is a great match for slow roasted apple and cinnamon glazed belly pork with buttered leeks and duck fat roast potatoes. Pure Hopped Cider is out now and available from our brewery shop and

By Alex Cosgrove

Tours da Force!

With the fantastic growth we have had in sales and spread around the UK we have increasing numbers of people who want to know more about how we brew our award winning beers and the secrets behind our business success.

From fairly humble beginnings our Saturday brewery tours have proven so popular that each week is booked up well in advance. To keep up with this demand we will be running 2 brewery tours on Saturdays from October the 1st. One at 10.30am to 12.15 and one at 2pm to 3.45.

After a tutored tasting with our front of house manager to begin, the brewery tour takes on the building block principles of the business; Pure Quality, Pure Eco and Pure Brand before getting into the finer details of ingredients and brewing techniques.

Whether you are just catching on the real beer revolution or are a longstanding fan of Purity and great beer there will be something for you…along with a few beers at the end to be enjoyed.

We are also still running our more established evening tours for private groups of 10 to 20 people. These premium experience evenings feature the same engagement with the beer and brewery with the added bonus of a meal in the middle. The grain to glass tour is backed up with a true field to fork delight as the stew or chilli options are both cooked in the farmhouse next to the brewery using beef from the famous Longhorn cattle that share this wonderful farmland with us.

We look forward to seeing you up at Purity with your family and friends so we can share our passion for great beer and great experiences with you.

Shop opening hours will revert to 10am to 1pm so that we can run the afternoon tour. Guests of the tour will be able to use the shop at the end of both morning and afternoon tours.

To find out more or make your booking either email or call our friendly team on 01789 488 007.

By Alex Cosgrove

News From The Brewhouse No.5 – On Tour To Veltins!

Welcome to a very special edition of News from the Brewhouse, which this month is brought to you all the way from Veltins Brewery in Germany! Last month some of the Purity team had the opportunity to head over to Dusseldorf and get to grips with all things Pilsener and to by no means rub it in, here’s what we found – Enjoy!

What is a Pilsener?

Pilsener is a type of pale lager that takes its name from the city of Plzeň, Bohemia, Czech Republic, where it was first produced in 1842.

Purity Brewing Co. and Veltins:

Purity has been importing Veltins Pilsener for a number of years. Veltins is highly regarded as one of the finest examples of German Pilsener. The water from the mountain springs all around Grevenstein is unusually soft. The brewery was formed in 1824 and is still owned by the same family. Veltins has gone from a small family operation starting as a brewpub in Grevenstein to now one of the largest brewers in Germany!

On the plane back from Germany we sat down with Purity Director of Sales Darryl Hinksman to give his reflections on the trip and explain how Veltins has become an integral element of Purity’s extended family.

  • Firstly why was Veltins chosen to join the Purity family?

We felt there were a lot of similarities; independently owned by the same family, a passion for quality and a strong ethical conviction which underpins everything they do which we felt matched our own approach.

  • What is it that makes Veltins Pilsener so special?

An absolute obsession with quality; strict adherence to the Reinheitsgebot (the 1516 German Purity Law) and their own natural spring water, they realised that their water was the perfect base for brewing Pilsener. They took the decision to only brew that style and brew the best beer that they can

  • Our Lawless Lager won the best German Style lager – how does it differ to Veltins?

Perhaps the biggest difference is the style; Veltins is a classic Pilsener whereas Lawless is a classic Pilsener with an idiosyncratic Purity twist! Lawless unlike Veltins is unfiltered and unpasteurised which adds to the flavour and also the hop profile we use differs to our German friends. We use an American hop El Dorado which gives Lawless its citrus notes and the kicker at the end.

  • What do you think are the similarities between the two brewers?

The main similarity has to be that we are both committed to sustainability. Veltins have their own water treatment centre similar if not more industrial than our own wetland system. They also are sticklers for quality and like us do everything to the best of their ability. You could easily apply our mantra of Pure Quality to Veltins in that the cleanliness and pride of work in the brew house drives us all forward.

  • How different is their brewery to ours?

It’s all about scale – the principles are the same as is the passion for hygiene and quality – it’s just that their brewery is one of the largest in Germany.

  • What can we learn from the way Veltins do business?

Build it and they will come! Essentially if you focus on producing the best possible beer without compromise then there are consumers who appreciate what you do and your business will grow. The trip to Veltins was an inspiring trip for us at Purity as it shows that even large established brewers who stick to their core values can flourish. They also recycle old and damaged beer crates to gain the raw material for new boxes. The rinsed bottles labels, cardboard boxes and other paper waste are recycled from paper mills.

Additionally Veltins strive to protect the environment and support numerous conservation projects in their local community. This commitment to develop sustainable future is something that we at Purity take inspiration from and shows us that brewing with a conscience is the right way!

The trip was a great success and not only gave us a greater insight to the Veltins business but also how beer fits into German culture. Check our social channels for some more pictures from the trip.

If you want to try some Veltins for yourself or to check out our other German beers pop over to

Prost! – Grab yourself a Veltins!

News from the Brewhouse No.9 – Pure Hopped Cider
Tours da Force!
News From The Brewhouse No.5 – On Tour To Veltins!